updated 9/13/17

Schuyler's near term needs


Write letters to Schuyler's attorney asking for a lenient sentence from the judge. Sentencing is on 9/8/2017.

 Law Offices of Robert Gombiner 

705 2nd Ave Ste 1500 

Seattle, WA, 98104-1796 

Office  (206) 622-1604


(The letter needs to have both Schuyler’s name and case number.  Schuyler’s case # is: CR15-391RAJ)

Click HERE for Sample Letter

Donate to Schuyler's Commissary via Western Union

Donate to Schuyler's Commissary via USPS Money Order

Send paypal donations to mother Stacey Beabeau at eyesonjesus5@gmail.com

Write Schuyler an encouraging letter

If you are a Christian, join us on Saturday's call

Educate Yourself about Schuyler's case and tell others

Pass out American Political Prisoner Business Cards

Visit Schuyler in prison


Free Schuyler Pyatte Barbeau

Schuyler's Youtube Playlist

Schuyler's Letters from Prison

Gary Hunt coverage of Schuyler

Meet American Patriot Schuyler Pyatte Barbeau

Pete Santilli & Sgt. Moe speak about Schuyler

Patriot Mom Stacy Barbeau reads a POWERFUL letter

Learn about AR Pistols and Short Barrel Rifles

Learn about Binary Trigger, Bump Fire, Slide Fire

Schuyler Jailhouse Interview

Patriot Prisoner Business Card

Call or Email for pricing: ruddavis@yahoo.com 972-839-9848

Sometimes  people don't have the time to hear the whole story.  Plant a seed by  handing them a business card so that can do their own research when they have time.